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Would you like to be more involved with the work of Go! Sign to see the growth of God’s Kingdom in the UK?

We are looking for new proactive Trustees.  Ideally we would like people with experience and skills in finance, business and charity. Our Go! Sign Trustees are very involved in the running of the work, so you should expect to be active as a Trustee, although we hope none of the Trustees will be overworked.

There are four meetings each year and these are usually held in London. The post of Trustee is totally voluntary, but Go! Sign will pay travelling expenses for Trustees attending meetings.

At least two-thirds of the Trustees of Go! Sign must be Deaf so we especially welcome applications from Deaf people

For more information about the Go! Sign Trustee Job Description, contact the Go! Sign Office

Voice/Text: +44 (0) 01702 613113,

If you would like to meet one of the Trustees to talk about what is involved, we would be pleased to arrange that.

Further information about becoming a Go! Sign Trustee: PLEASE CLICK HERE


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GO! SIGN is the working name of Christian Deaf Link UK

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