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In 2006, Christian Deaf Link UK carried out a major review of our structure and projects. As a result we felt God guiding us to re-focus our mission of making Jesus known amongst the Deaf Community.  “Go! Sign” was inspired as a working name with a desire to obey Jesus’ commission to make disciples of deaf and hearing signers. At the same time we seek to find ways to improve local churches for a better accessible, discipleship growth, information and resources.

The most accepted estimate for the number of deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK is 9 million, which is 15% of the 60 million people living in the UK. In 2008, the BDA released an updated estimate of 370,000 BSL users in the UK, of these 370,000 people, 120,000 are hearing and 250,000 deaf.


Registered: Charity No: 1071830,
Member of Evangelical Alliance, Member of Churches for All
GO! SIGN is the working name of Christian Deaf Link UK

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