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Watch: CAP Money Course in BSL


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Hi, I just want to tell you about a new course. Do you feel well-off? Or do you feel that money is a bit of a problem? Do you look hopefully in your piggy bank and only have 15p?

Or do you just keep using your card and have no idea how much is in your bank account?

Well, this course is right for you! It’s on April 1st- April Fool’s Day! – at 12 noon.

In Huntingdon, High Street, 83a….that’s the HCC Building. The course will include this free booklet. We will think about money…spending, saving and how to sort it out.

There will be 3 sessions…April 1st,  May 6th,  May 27th.We will start at 12 with a free lunch. When that’s finished, the course discussion will start, we’ll share ideas and finish at 4pm.

If you want to know more, contact email is It will be good to see you then!

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