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Report about All Together in One at Cardiff

All Together In One

The Deaf Church in Cardiff (now All Together in One) was started in October 2013 by Betty and Jonathan Bosman, who are both Deaf, and Ann Jones who is hearing. Jackie helps us with the catering every month.


We have been involved with Deaf Christians in the area for number of years, through Deaf Club Church and a Christian organisation ‘3 in 1’ which held conferences and outreach days in South Wales and a meeting called ‘All Gathering’ where hearing and Deaf met for a social once a month in Cardiff.

Four years ago the Chaplain of Deaf Club Church in South East Wales left leaving the Deaf church without a Chaplain. Deaf people were desperate to have services to worship God and asked us to set up a service. God actually arranged it so that Jonathan met someone on a train to London who asked about starting a service!!  

Also Jehovah Witnesses in the area were making a real effort to attend Deaf clubs to recruit people and giving away free sign language DVDs in local towns. We were challenged by this and after praying we started a service in BSL ‘All Together in One’ on first Sunday of every month.


Our aims are to reach Deaf people who don’t have any church connections, to help people develop a strong faith so they know more about Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, to help them strengthen their relationship with God and to protect them from false teachings.


Our logo with signing hands together and people gathering around them shows that we come from diverse backgrounds especially Deaf and Hearing to worship one God and have fellowship as His people.

What we do

With God’s grace we continue the monthly services. The people who come enjoy the service and the food and fellowship afterwards. Some of them have said that they go home feeling peaceful, knowing they have met with God.

We jointly lead services with Rev’d Peter Lewis (a Church in Wales Vicar) at Pontypridd Deaf Club e.g. Harvest and Christmas. The people at Pontypridd really appreciate our support.

Last year we held two coffee mornings with quizzes and games at Agape Church in Risca near Newport. We intend to do two more this year.  We hope we can get to know people as friends who have never been involved with Christians before. We want to show them the love of Jesus and that Christians can have fun. Members of Ann’s church support this by baking cakes and joining in with the games. Both Deaf and hearing people enjoy themselves. The response from Deaf people is very encouraging. ‘Could we do them every month??’  ‘No, sorry, they take a lot of planning and Ann and Betty’s brains aren’t up to the job!!’ Jonathan and Betty have led a service in sign language at Ann’s church (Agape) with our Deaf friends attending. Ann’s church is now known as the church with the cakes!!

In past two years Raymond Abernethy, John Delve, Neil Robinson and Bob McFarland, have led evangelistic weekends and shared about their ministry among Deaf around the world. These too have been well received. As a team we thank them for their valuable support, with times of fellowship and prayer. It’s useful to have input from people outside our immediate situation. It gives us an opportunity to reflect and think about the future.

We have become committee members of South East Wales Deaf Church Association which has always been an Anglican organisation. Now however they are very keen to support Deaf people from various denominations in South East Wales. We are grateful to them for giving us a grant to help with our ministry among Deaf people in Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding area. We are together planning activities for this year; a retreat, a course to teach interpreters church sign and Deaf Awareness lessons for trainee ministers at local colleges. We hope set up discipleship groups to do the ‘Christianity Explored’ when it is produced.


We want to thank the people who have given us practical help with serving food and the interpreters doing the voice over during the services. Also we appreciate Woodville Christian Centre providing us with the room for services and their support and prayers.

Prayer points

Please pray for the team to continue to stay close to God and know His will and plans for the future.

Please pray for us to reach more young people and continue to strengthen those who regularly come to the services.

We want to share the good news about Jesus to the local Deaf community. Please pray for opportunities and boldness to do this.

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